Women's running shoes worn by a jogger

Ori-MAUL running women

Women runners, have you heard..? Some of us do the Parkrun at Coldham’s Common on Saturday mornings. We typically follow it up with some form of brunch, and even a bit of training, afterwards. Members who jog are welcome to come and run with us.

Parkrun is a charity running free, volunteer-organised 5k events across lots of countries, encouraging people to run, jog or walk 5k.

Running women

We are a mixed-ability group; we go slow and sometimes walk bits if someone doesn’t feel up to jogging the whole thing for whatever reason. (It’s supposed to be women running, not suffering!)

Not everyone makes it every week but there’s usually a couple of us there. We are continuing over the summer as far as holidays and such allow. Brunch is pretty essential for some of us after cardio (especially at 9am on a weekend), though obviously you do you!


Two of us have also volunteered as part of the run organisers’ roster, which we hope to do a bit more of in future. (Read more about our ethos.) Ori-MAUL members who prefer to volunteer than to run but still want to go to brunch afterwards are also very welcome to join us.

Some volunteer roles let you can support the event and also run on the day!

Run with us

Find out more and get the WhatsApp group link in the Ori-MAUL Trello board.

Our Trello joining link is http://bit.ly/maul-trello