Student resources

What does MAUL provide?

  • Step-by-step instructions for forms
  • The syllabus for each belt
  • Technique reference
  • YouTube videos of forms etc. (these are private, so you’ll need the link from us)
  • and more!

Where to find it

Please join us on Trello to get the most up-to-date PDFs for the study materials you (or your MiNi-MAULer) need – please note you will have to set up a FREE account, but it only takes a minute!):

Trello’s own help pages are useful if you’re not familiar with it already:

Studying at home

Our students have lots of creative ways of learning their syllabus so it often comes down to what works best for the individual. However, we recommend, as a minimum, printing a copy of the study materials you need (see above) and keeping them together in a folder.

If you have questions, talk to your fellow students or an Instructor before/after class.

See also: Beyond classes