Martial Arts Uniting Lives

How did this women’s Taekwondo club in Cambridge come about? What happened when we met women from other martial arts around Cambridge?


The original MAUL, Martial Arts Uniting Ladies, was created to combat the lack of women in martial arts. Four years later, local high-ranking female martial artists united to form an all-woman grading panel for the first MAUL blackbelt grading. Thus, the Martial Arts Uniting Lives Consortium was born.


We now aim bigger in order to promote diversity in martial arts. This Consortium aims to build a community of similar-minded instructors teaching a variety of martial arts, currently located within Cambridgeshire and, of course, our eternal home in Master Tina’s club in New York.

The MAULives Consortium is comprised of club instructors who are devoted to promoting access and diversity in martial arts. This is demonstrated through small-group or targeted training of martial minorities. We actively commit to the phrase, “You can’t be what you can’t see” in ensuring representation at the absolute top. We are excited to see what the future of the MAULives Consortium holds as we work to expand our support to other under-served groups.

Could you join forces with us?

We invite current or would-be instructors that feel they share the ethos presented here to come teach us, train with us if they want some more practice time in our unique environments, and most of all link with us in the expanding this Consortium.  

Do get in touch!


Sister Clubs


Geneva Martial Arts Taekwondo

  • Mondays through Saturdays
  • Geneva, New York USA
  • Master Tina Felice