What our members say about taekwondo and our clubs…

There is so much that I could say about this amazing club that has embraced both me and my daughter whole heartedly.

When I came to Cambridgeshire in 2012, I knew I wanted to train but was facing so many barriers such as finances, child care and a lack of self-confidence to name but a few. At the time I was a recently divorced, single parent with no real support network in place and being part of anything was difficult. Looking back, it almost seems like fate that in 2014 my daughter Jasmin received a letter about Taekwondo lessons for parents and their children at her primary school.

Like so many others I struggle with body image but at MAUL my body shape or size hasn’t stopped me from training. The instructors see the best in everyone and their passion for teaching is evident in the time, effort and energy that they selflessly put in. It’s never been about making money and every step of the way I have always felt that what’s important here are the students and the families of MAUL.

Every session is fun and even though at times I have been pushed to my limits, I realise that I can do much more than I ever believed I could.

This year, at the age of 35, I finally learnt to ride my bike, something I thought I’d never do. It’s something most people take for granted, but it was my martial challenge for my current belt. I achieved this only with the support and encouragement I received from my club.

To this day I absolutely love it because I gained much more than martial arts training. I became part of a larger family and it’s so heart warming to be surrounded by such wonderful people, each and every one bringing something different to our club. Through ups and downs, mental, physical and emotional, MAUL has demonstrated that at its centre it has a huge heart and I am so glad that I found this safe place to be myself and train without ever feeling uncomfortable or out of place.

— Ty (MiNi-MAUL member since 2014)

MAUL is a fantastic community of awesome women training together! It is so unlike other martial arts clubs and it is somewhere where you will feel totally at home and welcome and appreciated no matter what level of experience or fitness or knowing left from right you come in at. All of the teaching is done with a huge amount of empathy and respect and empowerment, and everyone in the class very quickly becomes your friend!

— Jenny (Ori-MAUL member since 2015)

MAUL is one of my favourite things about Cambridge! Instructor Wendi and the club make a cheerful, positive, welcoming environment for dorks like me who felt out of place in PE at school to learn, making classes fun while still taking taekwondo seriously as a martial art to train in.

I can’t recommend it highly enough!

— Nikki (Ori-MAUL member since 2016)

MAUL is a great club in which to learn from dedicated and knowledgeable instructors in a supportive environment. Whatever your reason for trying the club, or even if you haven’t found one yet, you will be welcomed and encouraged to achieve what you want to 🙂

— Ellie (Ori-MAUL member since summer 2017)