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Martial Arts Uniting Lives – Taekwondo (MAUL-TKD/‘the club’/‘we’/‘us’) is a volunteer-run taekwondo club for women and families in Cambridge, UK. The club is the data controller, i.e. it collects and maintains members’ records and receives enquiries from non-members.

This website

This website ( is run on, which handles our contact form, hosted by We use Cloudflare to help speed up the site’s performance. We use Google Analytics with IP address anonymization to monitor how visitors use this site with a view to making improvements to it and its content. Some of our security tools record the IP address of suspicious and/or malicious behaviour, such as brute force hacking attempts.

Please see our Cookie Policy for further information about cookies on the site and how you can manage them.

Enquirers (i.e. non-members)

We’ll only use your personal information to answer your enquiry and your personal data will just be held in our correspondence records (Gmail) by way of an email sent to us through the site. These are often retained for archival purposes but you can request deletion at any time – please see the ‘Contact us’ section below for our details.

The website’s contact form uses reCAPTCHA, which is a free service from Google, to help protect our website from spam submissions. reCAPTCHA is subject to Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Members who are editors or admins of this website should also note the details below about what the site stores for logged in users.

Club members and supporters

How MAUL-TKD uses your information

We are committed to being transparent about how we use your data and the purposes for which we do so, and respect our members’ privacy.

The information you supply to us on your completed membership form is held and processed in order to provide you with the services that membership entails, namely classes, grading and recording other training, progress or participation in club activities. Records are held electronically and in hard copy. Please note that we must retain your hard copy membership form for insurance reasons.

Please see Communicationsbelow for further information about how we use your contact information.

We do not pass personal information to other clubs without prior permission from individual members. For minors and/or vulnerable members, the same applies for their parent or legal guardian.

We hold certain health information for members, as submitted on membership forms or subsequently communicated to Instructors, in order to ensure that we provide a safe training environment and to adapt activities where needed. These details may be shared between our Instructors, Assistant Instructors and relevant volunteers in order to provide accessible club activities. You can update, correct or request deletion of this data, other than your original membership form, at any time by contacting our Instructors (details below). As mentioned above, we retain the hard copy of your original membership form for insurance reasons.

For members who become volunteer assistant instructors for classes attended by children, information about criminal convictions may be held in the form of any copy of a Disclosure and Barring Service check submitted by the volunteer to the Instructors. This data may be considered by Instructors in decisions about members’ vital interests.

We will never sell any of your data.


Your contact details are used to send you club-related information, which includes classes and grading details, supplementary training opportunities and social events, equipment and merchandise information, and opportunities specifically for MAUL-TKD members with other clubs.

We use third party service providers to communicate with members and record club activities, including:

  • Gmail – used by Instructors for email and contact lists
  • Google Calendar – used to record club activities (including classes, additional training opportunities and social events), also embedded in our website
  • Google Drive – used for shared documents and photo storage to which you may choose to contribute
  • Trello – used for storing other electronic resources for club members
  • Whatsapp – used by club volunteers and members to communicate about club activities and share items of interest
  • Facebook – members (over 13 years of age) may join a closed group if they wish, which is used to communicate about club activities and share items of interest between members
  • SubStack – used to distribute the MAUL newsletter to members in order to communicate events and news from the club and its members. Membership is optional, to be opted in by the student, and is subject to Substack’s own terms and conditions. Members can unsubscribe at any time. Please note that Substack is based in the USA.
  • Survey Monkey – used for occasional optional surveys of club members and supporters with a view to improving club activities/resources and responding to new needs or requests
  • Zoom – used to allow absent members to engage with club activities remotely

MAUL-TKD contact lists in these services are usually visible to all members of the list to permit MAUL-TKD members to communicate directly with each other. Volunteers handling members’ data are provided with further guidance about protecting data and privacy.

Most of our communications with members are electronic. You can withdraw consent at any time and remain a member, of course, but please bear in mind that it is not always possible for us to update the website with very short-notice changes.

Virtual classes during the coronavirus pandemic

While the UK’s response to the coronavirus outbreak means we cannot run classes in person, we are using Starleaf virtual meeting service, which has introduced free-to-use options during the pandemic. Members who participate in these online classes set up their own individual accounts, which are subject to Starleaf’s privacy policy.


We have a semi-regular newsletter created and sent using Mailchimp, which is subject to Mailchimp’s privacy policy. Editions contain a variety of club updates and ideas and stories from members.

Members and supporters can subscribe to the newsletter in addition to our more mundane communications described above, and all editions carry a link to easily unsubscribe should you no longer wish to receive it. Subscriptions to the newsletter are handled within Mailchimp, separately from your other personal data held by the club, although if we see a new email address for you we’ll ask you about updating our other records. Mailchimp uses industry-standard analytics to report on how much engagement a mailing receives.

We reserve the right to remove any individuals unknown to us from the circulation list to protect the privacy of members featured in the newsletter.

Photography and film recordings

We like to record our club activities and achievements with photography and film recordings, made by MAUL-TKD members and volunteers. We do not make these publicly available without members’ permission but do share them with members on a restricted basis using services such as Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive/Google Photos and YouTube, as well as file-sharing services such as Dropbox.


Where members have consented, photographs, video footage and testimonials may be used publicly on MAUL-TKD’s website, MAUL-TKD’s public profiles on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr, and by partner organisations promoting MAUL-TKD. You can withdraw consent at any time.

Volunteer web editors and admins

In addition to the hosting arrangement detailed above, those who volunteer as website admins should note that we use the Jetpack plugin by Automaticc for some security features and other site statistics and performance enhancements. This means that for logged in users (i.e. editors and admins) both and will record your account credentials and IP address via Jetpack.

We won’t make anyone an editor or an admin without asking! To make you an admin we add your email address as a user with the relevant role and the site will send you a link to set up your account.

We do not currently have login enabled on this site but may connect your accounts if you have an account on there also.

Leaving Cambridge and/or MAUL-TKD

MAUL-TKD stays in touch with members who move away or abroad using the services mentioned above. Should you wish to discontinue your membership, you can request that we remove your contact details and other personal information from membership records. Your name, dates of membership and gradings may remain in archival records.

We have an annual cycle of contacting inactive members to check whether you’re still happy we hold your information. If we don’t hear from you or are not able to successfully contact you, we will remove your personal data from membership records with the exception of name, membership dates and grading achievements, and the hard copy of your original signed membership form.

Contact us

Please contact us online, by phone on 07568 585359 or by replying to any emails or messages you have received from the club’s Instructors.

Last updated: 21 May 2022