In-person classes cancelled until further notice

In line with government advice that all non-essential social activities should be avoided, MAUL-TKD is suspending classes at the school until further notice.

The instructor team will be testing a variety of teaching methods so that starting next week (24th March) we can begin offering virtual training sessions for both our MiNi and Ori clubs on Tuesdays only. We will wear our doboks and our belts and treat these sessions with the respect and love we would treat any session, even as we practice forms around tables and avoid kicking hanging lights! Training will be different, but it will be no less the martial art we all love.

Once we find our footing in these virtual sessions, we will then move back to our two sessions per week. Please be prepared fifteen minutes early at a minimum for these sessions, as technical issues may take a while to sort out for the first couple of sessions.

Please confirm if you would like to participate in these virtual sessions, and specifically if you have the computer/webcam/wifi set-up/living room space to do so, by email. This information was circulated to all club members and, for MiNis, parent/guardian contacts on the evening of Monday 16th March.

Update (20/03/20)

Virtual classes (VirtuMAUL!) are planned, starting in the week commencing Monday 23 March. Members have all been emailed The information about how to participate – if you haven’t got it, contact your instructors.