Happy 10th birthday to MAUL

Recently, MAUL turned 10!

On 24th September, we hosted a surprise celebration of MAUL and all the club represents. 36 guests attended, including Tamsin, Saba and Esther from Taekwondo for All, Lee from Cambridge Kung Fu, Hannah from Dragon Taekwondo Academy, and Cindy and Donna from Cargin Moss Black Belt Academy.

Building up to the start time, we decorated the hall and prepared for Wendi’s arrival. When the time came, we welcomed Wendi with clapping and cheering, and introduced our special guest instructors.

Instructors Jasmin and Ana then led a warm-up routine, and several of the guest black belts gave interactive seminars on different martial arts. Hannah started off with some stylish defence moves which enable smaller people to dissuade larger opponents. Tamsin then presented Sytema-based techniques for managing high-pressure situations; she also showed us a game for strengthening reflexes, which was quite like hot potato with staffs.

Finally, Lee demonstrated some Wing Chun moves which allow the defender to fend off an attacker whilst remaining on the border between offence and defence, and not giving ground.

Afterwards, we had a break to enjoy some of the delicious food MAULers had brought, including branded cupcakes and biscuits, chipotle and jam with crackers, savoury snacks, and drinks. As we settled down afterwards, Tamsin, Cindy and Donna performed a homemade ITF form. Mónica then gave a presentation she had prepared with pictures from each stage of MAUL’s journey through all the growth and metamorphosis of the club.

Hannah performed a moving song she had written to express her martial journey and the challenges that AFAB people experience in accessing martial arts. Lee followed with a Wing Chun form, and Saba and Esther with a Taekwondo one. To top it off, members of MAUL performed the 10th Anniversary Form created by Lani to represent each belt she has travelled through to reach this stage.

To close the evening, MAUL and the guest instructors presented a collaborative quilt to Wendi with thanks for her commitment to the club and drive to make amazing things happen. The 10th anniversary of MAUL is a date we are sure to remember as we step into a new chapter…

Words by Jemimah