December 2019 grading congratulations

Well done to all the students who successfully graded this weekend!

Ori grading

Saturday 7th December

Ori-MAUL congratulates two new yellow belts, one new orange belt and one new green belt.

MiNi grading

Sunday 8th December

MiNi MAUL celebrates five new yellow belts, one new orange belt, two probationary orange belts, one two-stripe yellow belt and two new blue belts.

Thank yous

Enormous thanks to all those who make gradings possible:

  • Instructors and grading panellists
  • Volunteer photographers, sparrers and providers of other essential – but not necessarily obvious – help

Thanks also to the friends and family who came along to support from the spectators seats.

End of term

Tuesday 10th and Friday 13th December are the last classes of the term, after which we wish everyone very happy holidays. Look out for next term’s dates on the website and in your inbox soon.

See you in 2020!