MAULiday II attendees on the beach

Ori-MAUL goes to Brittany: the return

Fourteen members of Ori-MAUL went on an adventure to Dinard in Brittany, repeating the success of 2018’s inaugural trip.

Over a long weekend MAULers enjoyed glorious weather on the Emerald Coast, training together on the beach and sampling local delicacies. This year we were prepared with our own shade-making tarpaulin and tent poles, and figuring out how to put it up proved to be an excellent team-building activity. Between training sessions we swam in the sea, sat in shade of our own creation, walked along the coastal paths and even took a boat ride to St-Malo for an afternoon. Some of us also embraced the continental habit of long lunches and daytime napping.

The group encompassed yellow through black belts, so there was plenty of learning, revision and refinement to be had. The sand provided enduring interest, in the form of C-stepping patterns left by our feet, and a forgiving surface to land on for flying kicks. It got absolutely everywhere, but was as glittery as the previous year’s attendees remembered thanks to the area’s granite geology.

À bientôt, Dinard!

MAULers in fighting stance silhouetted on a beach

MAUL goes to Brittany

Eleven members of our women’s class made up MAUL’s first continental training camp in early July. Three of the group even flew in from beyond England to enjoy four days of training and team bonding together.

Where did we go and what did we do?

The picturesque beachside town of Dinard made for an excellent base. Training barefoot on the sand was interspersed with breaks in the shade and swimming in the sea. We were a mixed ability group, lead by Instructor Wendi, with white through black belt members so there was plenty to occupy our training time – both learning from one’s seniors or helping belts lower than one’s own.

The early birds among us enjoyed some morning jogging and stretching on the beach before meeting up with the later sleepers over breakfast.

Being a MAUL group, we also enjoyed the local eateries, with a particular emphasis on Nutella, and a team meal at one of the seafront restaurants on our last night. As they say in France: Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup.

Photo by Dina Ashour