MAUL's four new taekwondo black belts (ITF and WT)

Congratulations to our four new black belts

Congratulations to Jenny, Kim, Conor and Frank! Their years of training culminated in a three-hour grading – in gruelling 28-degree heat – on Saturday 29th June 2019. After successfully completing the grading requirements, they were each awarded their first Dan black belt.

They were heartily supported by friends, family and fellow club members in the audience, who also enjoyed Taekwondo, Jiujitsu, Soo Bahk Do and Wing Chun Kung Fu demonstrations.

MAUL mastermind Chief Instructor Wendi thanked visiting black belts Duane, Emily and Hanane and MAUL Instructors Layla, ‘Julius’ and Nada, without whom such a grading would not have been possible.

Black geometric pattern

Black belt grading on Saturday 29th June

Come and cheer our four red belts on as they complete their black belt grading on Saturday 29th June.

Supporters and club members are welcome to watch the grading in the Large Hall at Queen Edith’s Community Primary School. Please be seated for a 2.30pm start. The afternoon should conclude at about 5.30pm.

MAUL’s current red belts include two long-standing members from each of our Ori and MiNi classes.