Sparring kit reminder for Tuesday 21st January 2020

Reminder for green belt and higher MiNi-MAULers (families class) and Ori-MAULers (women’s class): please bring sparring kit to your class on Tuesday 21st January 2020…

Orange belts and below should still come to class – there will be non-sparring activities for you!

If you are a green+ student who doesn’t have kit yet and would like to get some, please speak to an Instructor.

MAUL spelled with purple sequins

Support club members grading in December 2019

Come and support your fellow MAUL members grading in December 2019.

Friends and family are welcome to watch whichever grading their MAULer is attending. Please be seated by 2pm on each day.

Ori-MAUL grading

Saturday 7th December 2019

Venue: Large Hall, Queen Edith Community Primary School

Graders: members of our women’s class and new members from our recent beginners sessions.

MiNi MAUL grading

Sunday 8th December 2019

Venue: Small Hall, Queen Edith Community Primary School

Graders: members of our families class (Mighty Ninjas of MAUL, aka MiNi MAUL)

See the school’s location on Google maps.

Sparring reminder for Tuesday 12 November 2019

Green belts and up will be sparring on Tuesday 12th November 2019 – remember to bring your kit! Sparring will take place in the Large Hall.

This applies to both the MiNi MAUL and Ori-MAUL classes. Classes for those not sparring, i.e. white through orange belts (both families and women’s classes), will take place in the Dining Hall.

Any questions, please ask an Instructor ASAP.