Fiercely Fragile get their belts!

A ray of sunshine in an otherwise gloomy year, Fiercely Fragile – MAUL’s adaptive martial arts session for women with chronic joint/physical maladies – has kicked off with a stellar duo of dedicated members. A sport enthusiast and a social butterfly have come together to learn martial arts for the first time at an age when, in their own words, their joints are “a bit past the sell-by date!” Virtual introductions, trying to learn nunchucks from a screen, and backgarden training (even in the rain!) finally led to meeting in Cherry Hinton park. The Fiercely Fragile crew have found a love for the power, challenge, and spirit of martial arts.

Fiercely Fragile was set up due to Instructor Wendi having a few joint surgeries, thanks to some poor genetics, and the concept of ‘low impact exercise’ striking fear into her heart. Martial arts is inherently adaptive, with the real aim of the art to find everyone’s strengths and utilise them to their own advantage. However, as injuries or needs add up, this can become more and more complicated, and often more and more difficult mentally as you get ‘adaptations’ or ‘variations’.

Instead, in Fiercely Fragile, you get nunchucks – in a low impact, joint-friendly environment. With each session built around individualised training on martial concepts, each member finds their own specialty in a low-impact, joint friendly environment. Basically, Fiercely Fragile MAULers are like ninja turtles, where each member has their own fighting style.

And finally, after nearly two months of training nearly every day and nearly destroying their homes with their nunchucks, they received their belts and t-shirts! And immediately made a video of how to tie their belts. True MAULers!

To sign up or ask any questions, please do contact us!

Teen Girls Virtual Sessions

We are running virtual teen (13-19) women’s martial arts sessions for new students on Fridays, 6.00pm to 7.00pm (BST).

Sessions will be co-run by Instructor Wendi from our women’s branch, Instructor Jenny from our youth & family’s branch, and our very own teen MAULer, Instructor Essie!

Teens have been finding lockdown particularly tricky, so we’re offering free t-shirts for any young woman who attends four Friday sessions in a row.

To sign up or ask any questions, please do contact us!

What might a session look like?

  • Warm-up (jogging on the spot and the like)
  • Stretching
  • Kicking or arm techniques
  • Art: learning sequences of moves that flow together and demonstrate our martial style
  • Meditation: In all honesty, we tend to get too caught up in the ART bit and often run late and miss the meditation bit, but we aim for it regardless!

Circuit board detail

MAUL-TKD goes virtual

MAUL-TKD classes are now running virtually. All members have been emailed – if you haven’t received a message and should have done, please get in touch with the instructor team ASAP.

This is the first time we’ve tried to run our full classes virtually, with all members joining over the internet, so please bear with us while we work out any kinks in the process. We obviously won’t be able to do all of the usual training activities remotely but most of our syllabus can be revised without a partner!

Please see our student resources if you haven’t already got your belt’s syllabus.

Like the rest of the country, we’re not sure when we’ll be back to in-person classes at the school but we’ll keep members posted.

In-person classes cancelled until further notice

In line with government advice that all non-essential social activities should be avoided, MAUL-TKD is suspending classes at the school until further notice.

The instructor team will be testing a variety of teaching methods so that starting next week (24th March) we can begin offering virtual training sessions for both our MiNi and Ori clubs on Tuesdays only. We will wear our doboks and our belts and treat these sessions with the respect and love we would treat any session, even as we practice forms around tables and avoid kicking hanging lights! Training will be different, but it will be no less the martial art we all love.

Once we find our footing in these virtual sessions, we will then move back to our two sessions per week. Please be prepared fifteen minutes early at a minimum for these sessions, as technical issues may take a while to sort out for the first couple of sessions.

Please confirm if you would like to participate in these virtual sessions, and specifically if you have the computer/webcam/wifi set-up/living room space to do so, by email. This information was circulated to all club members and, for MiNis, parent/guardian contacts on the evening of Monday 16th March.

Update (20/03/20)

Virtual classes (VirtuMAUL!) are planned, starting in the week commencing Monday 23 March. Members have all been emailed The information about how to participate – if you haven’t got it, contact your instructors.

Ori-MAUL mat session on Saturday 14th March 2020

Reminder for members of Ori-MAUL (our women’s class) about the mat session on Saturday 14th March 2020.


White to Orange belts: 12pm to 1pm

Green belts and up: 1pm to 2pm


Instructor Wendi is hosting this mat session at a private location – please check the Whatsapp group or message an Instructor for the address.


Members of the above belts are encouraged to attend these additional sessions. For intermediate and advanced belts in particular, it is difficult to progress with certain aspects of the syllabus without attending these.

Keep an eye on the calendar for future occasions!