Instructor Jenny Hayward

Head MiNi-MAUL Instructor

Jenny is a 3rd Dan Blackbelt in both World Taekwondo (WT) and International
Taekwondo Federation (ITF) styles.

She started training with MAUL in February 2015 after moving to Cambridge and
needing some friends! She immediately fell in love with taekwondo and the
camaraderie and joyful spirit of the club. Training with her new friends and, later,
helping to teach the tiny ninjas of MiNi-MAUL quickly became a cornerstone of her
schedule and, frankly, much more interesting than her actual job.

After getting her 1 st Dan Blackbelt in July 2019, Jenny became the head instructor of
MiNi-MAUL. She will be forever grateful that she now has something cool to say in
the event of a “give a fun fact about yourself” ice-breaker. Her favourite thing about
teaching martial arts to young people is seeing them grow into confident,
compassionate leaders with a fierce sense of justice. Her favourite thing about
teaching martial arts to mums is watching them break boards of wood with their bare

Jenny is a walking example of the gentle power of MAUL to inspire introverts to find
their voice and lead from the front of the room. She is always ready with a big smile,
a kind word, or a really high flying kick to encourage her students and her super
instructor team.

She gained her 2nd Dan in the midst of the pandemic in July 2021, and her 3rd Dan in
the USA in August 2023. Over the years, she has also trained in both Japanese and
Brazilian jiu jitsu, and aikido, but taekwondo and her MiNi-MAUL students will always
have her heart.