Instructor Jenny Hayward

Head MiNi-MAUL Instructor


Jenny ‘Coach’ Hayward joined MAUL in 2015, shortly after moving to Cambridge. She sprinted through the ranks with the voracity of the triathlete that she is, espousing the beliefs in camaraderie, sisterhood, and pushing beyond one’s self-imposed limits. She happily ran park running sessions for her fellow MAULers of all abilities and was always happy to help her fellow student (or instructor!).

Jenny eventually found herself senior student of Ori-MAUL and progressed from helping-out to an active role in instructing the MiNi-MAUL club. Using her Jitsu skills, she created a monthly MAUL groundwork session. Jenny became a first Dan black belt in June 2019, and shortly thereafter took over the huge role of running MiNi-MAUL.

With a sprinkle of experience in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a yellow belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu, facebook-profile worthy sailling skills and, of course, her own triathloning, Jenny is a bit of a robot, but a highly cuddly one. Jenny received her 1st Dan blackbelt in July of 2019, before taking over as head of MiNi-MAUL in the autumn of that year.