Instructor Fatima “Julius”

Julius gleeful at her sparring partner having to do press-ups for accidentally hitting her in the bum.

Julius joined MAUL at its first session in September 2013, after hearing about it from fellow PhD student Wendi. Although she mistakenly thought it was a self-defence class to start, she quickly fell in love with the artistry and power of MAUL.

While early on she was often over-powered by stronger and taller MAULers, she developed a swift and technical style to adapt to any partner. This specialised training drove her to run advanced sessions for the MAUL high belts and eventually attain her 1st Dan blackbelt in December 2017 alongside Nada Saleh and Layla Vandenbergh at the first MAUL grading. She uses her particular skills to provide extra sparring training for MAULers in addition to running MiNi sessions.

A doctor, scientist and mother, Julius often teaches with a baby on her hip, much to the delight of some of the MiNi-MAULers!