Instructor Anne Corcoran

Instructor Anne is a 1st Dan Black-belt in both World Taekwondo (WT) and International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) styles. She joined MiNi-MAUL alongside her son, particularly excited to have an activity with him wherein she was not on the sidelines. Anne’s calm demeanor – when she wasn’t sparring – provided an excellent example for adults in MiNi-MAUL on how to support the voice of the youths. She doubled up on Ori-MAUL with another MiNi-Mum (thus partnering both their kids so they wouldn’t be bored) and grew in influence in the club. A phenomenal support of her fellow student in MiNi, Anne extended this care towards her fellow instructors as she took on an leadership role in Ori-MAUL during Instructor Wendi’s medical leave. Her fearless sparring – having often been employed in MiNi-MAUL as ‘the force’ to put over-enthusiastic sparrers on their heels – inspires even the highest belt Ori-MAULers to go for broke. Having often cited MAUL as ‘what keeps her young’, Anne brings a childlike mischief to Ori-MAUL, keeping students on their toes and taking particular joy in turning MiNi-drills on the MiNi-Instructor team. A glass ceiling-breaking scientific leader, proponent of women in science and martial arts, and devoted mother, Anne also has a knack for throwing people… quite high!