This is Ori-MAUL’s term schedule for summer term 2021. Please contact us if you are interested in joining class, as any changes to the schedule may not be reflected here!

Summer 2021

Tuesday 8th June to Saturday 18th July 2021 (inclusive)

Weekly Ori-MAUL Schedule

  • Tuesdays | 19:40-20:40 |  🌱Queen Edith’s Primary School Field
  • Fridays
    • 17:40 – 18:40 | 🏡White Belts (New students!) in a garden near Nightingale Park
    • 18:00 – 20:30 | 💻 All other belts in virtual small groups
  • Saturdays: 15:30 – 16:30 | 🌳Small group student-led training in Cherry Hinton Hall

Important Dates

  • We return to face-to-face sessions on June 15th on Tuesdays! Rainouts to be notified via WhatsApp
  • Our final virtual Tuesday session, June 8th, will be a MAUL Around the World Seminar
  • Grading on July 4th at Queen Edith’s Primary School Field, time TBC
  • MVP, MAUL’s virtual programme, will be kicking off in a pilot version soon, with classes on Mondays


  • Ori-MAUL Originally Martial Arts Uniting Ladies, women’s club
  • MiNi-MAUL Mighty Ninjas of MAUL, families class
  • Fiercely Fragile low impact class for women
  • Belt Sessions: These sessions divide students by their martial arts experience, so higher belt students can practice their higher belt forms and creativity while new students can train with other new students, developing their more basic skills and form artistry!
  • Student-Run Park Sessions: Students get together to train in the fresh air and sunshine, without a formal class setting (Our new students have a nice WhatsApp group to organise this and meet up together!)
  • MAUL Around the World: These virtual seminars are taught by women from all around the world, from a huge variety of martial arts disciplines.
  • Gradings: Club gradings are where students earn their next belt. This may be combined with MAUL’s other programmes (Fiercely Fragile, Families, etc.) or separate, depending on the term.


  • Social events. These events are usually advertised to members of the socials WhatsApp group and other members-only places. At least once a month, there is an alcohol-free social.

Updates to the Calen-Do-Jang

We encourage members to join MAUL’s Google calendars for training and socials, as all event details and links are there (which is why they’re private). The Google calendar is the most updated source of information. We also send updates around by email and Ori-MAUL WhatsApp. We also endeavour to note changes on our news page.