This is our club calendar. It shows the class schedule as well as additional classes outside our usual hours.

Update 22/07/19

Ori-MAUL social events are now on a separate calendar.


  • MAUL Martial Arts Uniting Lives – overarching Organisation for Volunteerism and Community Building
  • Ori-MAUL Originally Martial Arts Uniting Ladies, women’s class for all belt colours
  • MiNi-MAUL Mighty Ninjas of MAUL, families class for all belt colours


All at Queen Edith’s school – scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the location on a map:

  • DH Dining Hall
  • LH Large Hall
  • SH Small Hall

Sessions and classes

Group training for specific belt colours

  • πŸ¦‰ OWLs – Ordinary Warrior Levels, White through Orange belts
  • 🦎 NEWTs – Nearly Excellent Warrior Trainees, Green through Blue belts
  • 🐜 ANTs – Advanced Ninja Training Sessions, Brown+
  • πŸ¦‡ BATs – Blackbelt Advanced Tae-Kwon-Do
  • 🐹 WoMBAT – Women of MAUL Blackbelt Advanced Tae-Kwon-Do
  • πŸ¦Έβ€β™€οΈ BLaST – Blackbelt Ladies Sharing Training

Syllabus area or style-based training

  • 🧘 Come With Peace sessions – contemplative, peaceful sessions using taekwondo techniques for relaxation and self-reflection, Yellow+
  • 🀼 GJJ – Groundwork Joy with Jenny, MiNi Green+ welcome in pairs, i.e. please bring a partner (Ori students are likely to find a partner at the session)
  • β€πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ MAT sessions – Majestic Airborne Training, Yellow+
  • πŸ₯Š SPAR sessions – Savvy, Poised and Artistic Rough-housing, Green+

Self-organised or student-led sessions

  • 🌳 Park training – small group training organised by students for whichever belt(s), not always in the club calendar, can take place in parks or hosted by one of the students involved. Regular park training is highly encouraged!
  • [INSERT NAME]wondo – 30-minute sessions run by MiNi student instructors, usually in an adjacent room after normal class

Updates to the calen-do-jang

We encourage members to check this calendar regularly as the most up-to-date source of information. We also send updates around by email, MiNi MAUL’s printed termly newsletter, and Ori-MAUL WhatsApp. We also endeavour to note changes on our news page.