Instructor Ty Ahktar

Instructor Ty trains majestically on the beach in Brittany on MAULiday, 2019.

Instructor Ty originally joined MiNi-MAUL alongside her daughter. Often doubling up by attending both MiNi-MAUL and Ori-MAUL classes together, Ty was one of few to achieve a double-grading. As her experience and skills grew, Ty took a more prominent role, both helping to lead by example on how to be an adult in the families club as well as taking a teaching role within Ori-MAUL so that the MiNi-Instructor team could get more training time. When Instructors Wendi and Anne had to take medical leave at the same time, Instructor Ty single-handedly led Ori-MAUL as a blue belt, inspiring and teaching everyone from complete beginners to blackbelt. Ty’s energy, passion and hospitality are legendary – her house tends to function as a MAUL cafe and her shoulder is always ready for a MAULer in need. Ty’s experience in MiNi-MAUL gave her a unique perspective on training, which seems to manifest in gleefully vicious warm-up games, power lunges and the hardest punches in the club! A devoted mother, science nerd, loyal friend and speed-cooker, “Ty hits like a tank,” – says every MAULer who ever sparred her.