Instructor Kim Graham

MiNi Instructor

Kim does a flying kick
Kim at their purple belt grading, December 2015.

Kim Graham has been with MAUL since its first class in September 2013. Through highs and lows, Kim has been the absolute personification of resilience of spirit. They have triumphed over difficulties and travelled all the way from Northern Ireland to the heat of upstate New York to grade with Master Tina in the summer of 2016. Kim is passionate about using martial arts to improve mental health, and they developed ‘Come with Peace’ sessions as a form of meditative Taekwondo for their fellow students. Their patience and humility as a student and teacher helps inspire the next generation of martial artists who may have self-doubts.

A messy gardener, avid quizzer and hair dye enthusiast, Kim received their 1st Dan in the summer of 2019, the culmination of a nearly 6-year journey!